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Our Mission

Our Mission

Providing the best care to man’s best friend

All any pawrent wants is to give their dog the best life possible – but it’s not always so straightforward. No two dogs are exactly alike, and what works for one might not be right for another. So where does that leave us?

The answer lies in your dog’s DNA. We created CirclePaw to ensure all pet pawrents are empowered to understand exactly what their dogs need to live their happiest, healthiest lives, from the tips of their tails to the base of their paws.

Led and advised by veterinary experts

Developed in collaboration with leading veterinary experts at the University of Sydney, our advanced, easy, and non-invasive DNA tests for dogs help you uncover vital information about your dog’s genetic health risks, breed composition, and traits so that you can work both at home and with your vet to give your pet the right attention they need.

The experts behind CirclePaw

Dr. Senthil Sundaram, MD
Chief Clinical Officer, Prenetics
Genetic Researcher,
National Institute of Health
Dr. Lawrence Tzang, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer &
Co-founder, Prenetics
Founding Member, Hong Kong Society for Behavioural and Neural Genetics
And of course...YOU!
The pups of CirclePaw, who help to advance the field of canine healthcare with every test

Fostering a community of pawsome caretakers

Our community is filled with pawrents and pet lovers who are devoted to spreading health and happiness to dogs worldwide.

Every pup and pawrent who tests with CirclePaw is a direct contributor to the field of animal genomics and veterinary disease research as we work closely with leading medical institutions to improve genetic veterinary medicine through disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

Once you swab, consider yourself a member of the CirclePaw Pack!

Rated 5-paws by hundreds of customers around the world

Peace of mind for a precious pet

I really wanted to learn more about Daisy since she was adopted and had a traumatic childhood. It helped me understand her better and calmed some of my anxieties about her health.


Her tail is wagging more than ever!

Our report showed that Faye had a risk of liver disease, which we have already started addressing with her vet, and she has been more energetic and eating better than ever!


Finding out my dog’s cancer risk was invaluable

My family dog passed away from cancer – so when I adopted Maya, I worried  she might have the same problem. Knowing she carries no genetic cancer risks has been so reassuring.


Finally learned more about my rescue pup

Sasha was a rescue and I’ve always wanted to know more about her breed. It was so much fun to see what breeds she carries in her DNA and how they impact her personality!



CirclePaw is wholly owned by Prenetics Limited, a leading biotechnology company (Nasdaq: PRE) whose mission is to bring health closer to people – and now their furry family members too! Our market-leading research and testing capabilities at our consumer testing brand CircleDNA have earned us the title of the World’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test.

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