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Our Science

Our scientific expertise

When we developed CirclePaw, we wanted to make sure we were bringing you the best at-home DNA test for dogs – so our scientific team of genetic researchers and veterinary experts spent years building a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that processes vast amounts of DNA data with 99.9% accuracy.

Advised by veterinary experts

Animal genomics is a highly specialised field, so we are proud to have worked on CirclePaw with one of its leading experts.

The experts behind CirclePaw

Dr. Senthil Sundaram, MD
Chief Clinical Officer, Prenetics
Genetic Researcher,
National Institute of Health
Dr. Lawrence Tzang, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer &
Co-founder, Prenetics
Founding Member, Hong Kong Society for Behavioural and Neural Genetics
And of course...YOU!
The pups of CirclePaw, who help to advance the field of canine healthcare with every test

How it works: our technology

Extracting your dog’s DNA
When your dog’s saliva sample arrives at our lab, we start with extracting and preparing the DNA for analysis through a process called genotyping array.
Up close and microscopic
The sample goes on a custom-designed silica microbead chip and gets analysed in a cutting-edge machine that scans DNA at a microscopic level.
Fishing for gene fragments
While processing the DNA, numerous DNA probes on the chip will “fish” 
and catch different DNA fragments 
that are unique to each dog.
Searching for mutations
The fished-out DNA fragments are analysed for mutations called 
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), which reveal your dog’s health risks, traits, and breeds.

Strengthening our global pack, one test at a time

Comparing animal and human genomic research is like putting a Chihuahua next to a Rottweiler – which means there’s still a lot of progress that needs to be made with animals. By testing with CirclePaw, you are helping us to untangle the complex web of information that lies within every dog’s genome, so we can learn more about how DNA influences our dogs’ health & traits, and provide a better categorisation of breeds around the world – all of which is invaluable to providing better healthcare for our pets for years to come.

Our global awards