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Your perfect test is: Health DNA Test for Dogs

Your perfect test is: Health DNA Test for Dogs

genetic risks for cancers & diseases affecting 16 biological systems
As a pawrent, you take health seriously – not just your own health, but your furry family’s too.

For humans, early detection & action are key in preventing diseases, cancers, and other health problems, and you know the same thing applies to our dogs. We recommend our Health Test, so you can make informed, confident decisions about your dog’s healthcare and well-being to ensure they have long, happy lives – powered by your understanding of their genetic health risks.

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Peace of mind for a precious pet

I really wanted to learn more about Daisy since she was adopted and had a traumatic childhood. It helped me understand her better and calmed some of my anxieties about her health.


Her tail is wagging more than ever!

Our report showed that Faye had a risk of liver disease, which we have already started addressing with her vet, and she has been more energetic and eating better than ever!


Finding out my dog’s cancer risk was invaluable

My family dog passed away from cancer – so when I adopted Maya, I worried  she might have the same problem. Knowing she carries no genetic cancer risks has been so reassuring.


Finally learned more about my rescue pup

Sasha was a rescue and I’ve always wanted to know more about her breed. It was so much fun to see what breeds she carries in her DNA and how they impact her personality!